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  • The Peninsula Bangkok
    9,327 κριτικές
    Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου: 5
    Δημοφιλές σεΠολυτέλειαBusiness
  • Chaokoh Phi Phi Lodge
    9,422 κριτικές
    Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου: 3
    Δημοφιλές σεΦυσιολάτρεςFoodies
  • lebua at State Tower
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    Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου: 5
    Δημοφιλές σεΠολυτέλειαΝυχτερινή Ζωή
  • The Sukhothai Bangkok
    9,619 κριτικές
    Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου: 5
    Δημοφιλές σεΠολυτέλειαLGBTQ

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  • The Grand Palace
    8,9246 κριτικές
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Ιστορικός Χώρος, Ναός
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαArt & Design
  • Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
    9,0231 κριτικές
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Θρησκευτικό Κέντρο, Ναός
    Δημοφιλές σεΠνευματική ΑναζήτησηArt & Design
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
    9,0218 κριτικές
    Shopping, Υπαίθρια Αγορά, Αγορά
    Δημοφιλές σεBackpackersFoodies
  • Wat Arun
    8,9118 κριτικές
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Ναός, Αξιοθέατο
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαΠνευματική Αναζήτηση



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  • Vertigo and Moon Bar
    8,940 κριτικές
    Wine Bar
    Δημοφιλές σεΠολυτέλειαΝυχτερινή Ζωή
  • Sirocco Restaurant
    8,631 κριτικές
    Μεσογειακή, Bar
    Δημοφιλές σεΝυχτερινή ΖωήΠολυτέλεια
  • Cabbages & Condoms
    8,033 κριτικές
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΠεριπέτεια
    9,615 κριτικές
    Ινδική, Σύγχρονη
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΠολυτέλεια

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Probably easiest country in the World to travel, offering first class infrastructures for everybody. Some places are suffering seriously of over tourism, but after many visits and months in the land of smiles, I keep discover amazing places.

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Thailand is generally very tourist-friendly, and women report being treated respectfully on most occasions. Some reported that people were "just surprised to see a woman traveling alone" Nevertheless, it is still advisable to dress conservatively, as Thais are "serious about dress code in the palace and temples." and "there are some islands in southern Thailand where you have to be covered up when not at the beach" It's also a good idea to "carry your bag in front of you to avoid pickpockets." After dark, be aware that nightlife in Thailand can get rowdy and it's always a good idea to monitor your alcohol consumption and keep an eye on your drink -- and if you can make some friends at your hostel and travel in a group, so much the better.

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Menlo Park

Some of the best beaches in the world, some of the best food, a good local beer, near perfect weather, and easy to get to from the US as well. For pure beach relaxation, Thailand is amazing. It also has an amazing and unique culture. It is not, however, the "road less traveled." Thailand is very touristic and if your goal is to get off the beaten track, rather than to beach it up and party, you may want to venture further afield.

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Culver City

I went on a one month backpacking trip on my own during the low season and it was nothing short of amazing! It's absolutely safe for women, never felt safer!
Your money (USD, EU, or GBP) is worth a lot in Thai Baht (Thai Bath THB. 1 USD = 35 THB) so you can do a lot. Go fast before it becomes too touristy as some of the islands are already quite developed!

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Λος Άντζελες

i went to Thailand this past summer the end of June with family. It was one of the greatest experiences I have had. Of course it was very humid. It rained a lot but we still went out to adventure. We went to the river market. good food and good vibe. We tried fried scorpions, Madagascar , grass hoppers and water Beatles. It was very interesting. It's disgusting thinking about it yet alone eating it but that's how I like to explore another country. We don't get to do that here in America. We also went to a couple temples wat phra kaew and tiger cave temple. There are so many places to visit that we didn't get to go to most. I am a fruit lover and the fruits there were amazing! The best is the green mango that is already good to eat, but it's still green. It has a wonderful smell. Different from other mangos. Kind of like a floral mango smell. We went to feed elephants. To suppose not abusing elephants. We fed them then they let us ride them. They do not have any harness.

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What a intetesting and full of foods, shopping, beaches and fantastic templem

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Thailand is the most tropical most amazing place I've been so far. The flavors are either super sweet or super sour. Vibrant colors and just amazing people overall. I absolutely would love to visit more often to see the tiger zoo and play with a cub one day!

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Thailand = 3.5 stars. Lovely, but not as lovely as people would have you believe; and friendly, but not as friendly as they'd have you believe either, Thailand is a country that attracts people thru its low prices, tropical beauty, excellent food, and supreme ease of travel. Many first-timers on the world travel circuit will find Thailand to be everything they've dreamed, with beaches galore, raucous parties, and tons of fun outdoor activities like rock-climbing and mountain trekking, with little of the difficulty that's attached to travel in some of the world's more far-flung destinations. For the more jaded and road-weary among us, however, Thailand can sometimes feel like a tourism theme-park, where encounters tend towards the purely transactional, and every experience had is an experience which has been packaged and sold. Still, it's hard to argue with the sights (Bangkok is one of my favorite world cities) or with the food, which is dirt-cheap, everywhere, and impossibly delicious. Thailand lies a bit too high for me on the ease axis, and a bit too low on the authenticity one, but it's certainly an enjoyable place, and one where you'll encounter little friction. Consider it an anchor of the Mainland Southeast Asia circuit, but don't confine yourself to Thailand alone -- lesser-known Laos and Cambodia are also brimming with wonders.

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ThaiTourismGuide Sightseeing and Tour Packages in Thailand Cheaper Rate Guarantee

Santa Clara

Tremendous diversity and amazing mass appeal await you in Thailand. Lovely beaches in the south, a thriving capital city, friendly rural areas and adventurous mountain regions are each appealling for in their own ways.

I enjoy the off-the-beaten path rural villages where daily life goes on largely uninfluenced by the tourist industry. Yes, plenty such places exist in Thailand if you look for locations which are not mentioned in the tourist guides. Learn some basic Thai, get off the beaten path and have a grand adventure.

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