Wilson House Bed and Breakfast

Wilson House Bed and Breakfast

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2100 Mt. Royal Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21217-4848
410-383-6267Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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Ellicott City

This is a really cool historic home with a turret on one side- the character and charm of the house can't be beat. There are 12 bedrooms that can be booked, 2 of those share a bath, but that would work out if you're a family or group who don't mind sharing. The rooms are a decent size, some are larger than others of course but out of the few I saw, you won't lack for space in the smaller bedrooms. I thought the Aviary room was super cute- it's up on the 4th floor so you have lots of privacy, and because it's on the top level it's really cozy and has quite a bit of natural light. The master suite comes with a king bed and separate living room, perfect for those staying longer than a few nights. Because this is a private B&B be sure to note the 48 hour cancellation policy, and that there is an additional per person charge for more than two people in a room. A full breakfast is included each night, and it sounded delicious- who doesn't love homemade waffles?! The only (slight) issue is the noise- the house is right off a major highway, so passing traffic creates a constant hum, but really you're staying in the city so there's no way to beat it. Overall, a really lovely B&B!

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You are never going to want to leave Wilson House! In the short amount of time that I got to chat with Mr. Thomas, I knew I would be back to this cozy Victorian home nestled in the Reservoir Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. (Read all about the fascinating history of the house on their website!) If only I could write down the delicious smells, you'd be convinced to give them a visit. Lots of charm and history in the house, on the walls, on the shelves -- and a wine and cheese powwow at night. Even as a Baltimore local, you wouldn't regret having a slumber party with these folks. They know how to relax and have made the space very serene/peaceful. There is plenty to do in the area by way of food, art and sight-seeing, but it is not your typical tourist area by any means. Come here to relax and collect your thoughts.

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Wilson House Bed and Breakfast

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