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It's true that the Des Moines Register and Tribune isn't what it used to be. I do however read it every day when I'm back in Iowa and enjoy doing so, especially with Dad around to talk about what's really going on. And even through it is a shrinking Gannett paper, it still has enough of the old look and feel and statewide news to keep me interested. In particular, the political commentary during the last Iowa Caucasus were insightful and fun to follow. However, it's really is a shame that Gannett layed off the political cartoonist and that David Ypsen left for greener pastures. I also enjoy reading Rekha Basu and miss her sadly departed husband, Rob Borsellino.

However, the key reason that this is a 4 Star review is that my work as a Des Moines Register and Tribune paperboy in Estherville Iowa had such a positive effect on my life. It taught me responsibility, hard work, dealing with early mornings in below zero weather, and financial responsibility. And my Des Moines Register paper-bag still has an honoured place in my home.

Des Moines Register

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