Drury Inn & Suites Fenton-St. Louis

Drury Inn & Suites Fenton-St. Louis

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1088 South Highway Drive, Fenton, MO 63026
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Bella Vista
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What’s not to like when the Drury’s ‘extras aren’t extra’ slogan is exceeded in every way. It’s the staff at the Fenton (at Bowles) location who did this every day of our 5 day stay. How many times will you experience housekeeping staff ask you when you would like your room cleaned, direct you to the pet exercise area, leave a fun doggie styled towel sculpture on the bed; or the maintenance man let you know the spa pool was ready; or the desk staff make free copies for you and call you by name; or evening chef offer to make sure a favorite salad option will be available the next night? Like other Drury’s we enjoyed a truly free evening reception and hot breakfast; clean room with a comfortable reading chair and bed made for catching a full night’s zzzzs. As I said, ‘what’s not to like’? Easy 5 star for us. Room furniture and carpeting a bit dated. Not a show stopper for us, but might be important to other travelers. An Extra Extra: Many motels have pools, but few boast as complete a complex as this Drury. Kids have their own wading pool while I enjoyed the relaxing spa/jet pool. Most fun was the indoor/outdoor pool. For most of us the indoor waters were enough. Not the more adventurous. A quick dive under the divider and they surfaced outside to ‘enjoy’ STL’s first icy winter storm of the season.

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Drury Inn & Suites Fenton-St. Louis

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