Gombe Stream National Park

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Ύπαιθρος, Πεζοπορία και Φύση, Πάρκο
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Kigoma, Tanzania
+255 272 503 471
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It was a dream of mine to go here and it took me years of being in Africa before I got the chance; the experience did not disappoint. There's a good deal of trekking involved but the opportunity to be so close to these incredible primates is totally worth the effort. While they make you work to keep up with their jungle journeys, the apes put on quite a show. The guides are wonderful and the cost is quite reasonable considering how special the experience of walking in Jane Goodall's footseps is. If you plan on bringing a camera, make sure you use a high ISO and a quality lens, as flash photograph is not allowed and the jungle canopy makes it very dark.

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Gombe Stream National Park

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