Katse Dam

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Katse Dam, Lesotho
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Almost 200mt high, Katse was the tallest Dam in Africa until 2009, when Tekeze in Ethiopia reclaimed the record. It is really an impressive engineering feat, especially if you consider it has been built on a seismic area. The Dam is the biggest source of income for the country, with over 2 billion cubic meters of water stored, a lot of that destined to supply South Africa needs. You can do a boat tour, and admire the beautiful surrounding vegetation.

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Katse Dam is a surreal human-made wonder. It used to be the largest dam in Africa before losing it's title to Tekeze Dam in Ethiopia.
Still, it remains one of Africa's finest engineering accomplishments. The dam is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and comes in at nearly 2,000 meters above sea level.
There's a lodge that overlooks the dam if you want to spend the night and take in the spectacular scenery for longer than a day.

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Katse Dam

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