The Commons Hotel Minneapolis

The Commons Hotel Minneapolis

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615 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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New York City

I stay at the University Hotel when I go to events in the nearby McNamara conference center. There's an underground walkway between the two. The hotel is a decent mid-range hotel.

Ντόπιος από St. Paul

It's not quite a Beverly Hills Wilsher but the small, wood-paneled bar off the lobby made me want to shop for a cocktail dress on Rodeo Drive and meet Richard Gere for a drink. The whole place is getting a facelift by the end of the summer 2012 but as it is now, it has plenty of great features. I liked the spacious, bright rooms, particularly the fluffy white comforters and Sleep Number bed. The rooms have great views of the U of MN campus and Minneapolis but one negative view that dominates most of the area right now is the Light rail construction down Washington Ave (complete in 2014). So many great things to see around Dinkytown! Navigating around construction might be worth it for easy access to Twin's games, great shopping, and - best of all- local music and good eats such as the Varsity Theater and the Loring Pasta Bar.

Ντόπιος από St. Paul

I would definitely come back to this hotel for another visit, especially after they complete their massive renovations already underway (late 2012). Currently, this mid-range hotel lobby’s dark woods, ample cozy seating, and occasional live pianist make it an inviting gathering place. For eats, you can walk down the hall from the lobby and reach the University Lounge (don’t miss Happy Hour from 4 to 6!) and Applebee’s, or get your caffeine fix at Starbucks. There are also tons of great restaurants super close. I love Punch Pizza and Loring Pasta Bar, but I am partial to good Italian. You can work it all off the next day with a free pass to the U of M’s fitness facilities. The rooms are quiet and roomy and will only get better. Ask for a room with a view of the University if you want to wax nostalgic on your college years.

SF Bay Area, Western US
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The Radisson University Hotel Minneapolis is located across Washington Street to the large University of Minnesota campus.

This is good, because if it is freaking sub-zero cold and you need to get to the campus, and you are not a Gopher to burrow a tunnel underground, you can get over there before your breath freezes in front of you.

Radissons are mid level hotels and part of the larger Carlson network of hotels, which is HQ in MN and includes several other brands such as Regent Hotels, Park Plaza, Country Inn Suites and Park Inn.

This hotel is roughly comparable to an older, lower end Sheraton or Marriott without room service. The beds are not as comfy as those, because they have both upgraded their beds to higher comfort levels, and this Radisson has not. The internet only pay-in-advance rate was a reasonable $109, though. The room was average sized with average furniture and amenities.

Free WIFI in your room! They give you a code to pop into IBahn.

The bathroom was a little dated, and the shower knob fell off, while one corner of the grout was beginning to mold.

They have a lounge that serves booze and a smattering of food items, both snack like and more meal like. Service there is by the bartenders, so a bit spotty. Either becuase of the below Zero weather outside with the doors opening from the lobby bringing in the cold air, or maybe because the air circulation system, it was pretty cold in this lounge for me.

For breakfast, you have to go to the attached Appleby's. To "feel good in the neighborhood", inside Appleby's is all things University of Minnesota Gophers related in purple and gold pictures. I am not an Appleby's fan in general. The breakfast selections are not like a Denny's, but the service was friendly and attentive.

There aren't a lot of hotel choices in this part of town, so this Radisson is Ok if you want to be near here. Otherwise, you can get a lot more choices downtown near the Nicolet Mall a few miles away.



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The Commons Hotel Minneapolis

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