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  • Chez les Habitants
    Δημοφιλές σεΠνευματική ΑναζήτησηΟικογένειες
  • Hyatt Regency Casablanca
    Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου: 4
    Δημοφιλές σεΠολυτέλειαFoodies
  • Les Jardins de La Koutoubia
    Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου: 5
    Δημοφιλές σεBusinessΠεριπέτεια
  • Riad 72
    Κατηγορία ξενοδοχείου: 5
    Δημοφιλές σεΠολυτέλειαArt & Design

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  • Jemaa el-Fnaa Market
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Shopping, Ύπαιθρος, Αξιοθέατο, Υπαίθρια Αγορά, Πλατεία
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΠεριπέτεια
  • Medina Quarter
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Μνημείο
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαΠεριπέτεια
  • Hassan II Mosque
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Τζαμί
    Δημοφιλές σεΠνευματική ΑναζήτησηΙστορία
  • Jardin Majorelle & Musee d'Art Islamique
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Μουσείο Τέχνης, Κήπος
    Δημοφιλές σεArt & DesignΟικογένειες



Τα καλύτερα εστιατόρια σε Morocco

  • Cafe Clock
    Μαροκινή, Καφετέρια
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesArt & Design
  • Cafe Des Epices
    Καφές και Τσάι, Diners
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΟικολόγοι
  • Rick's Cafe
    Αμερικανική, Καφετέρια
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαFoodies
  • Cafe Abderrahman

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  • 9.8
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  • 7.3
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  • 6.8
    Λάτρεις της Πολυτέλειας
  • 6.8
    Λάτρεις της Υπαίθρου
  • 6.5

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We are tour operator in Morocco. We organize private tours in Morocco and Sahara trips with camel trekking. Marrakech to Merzouga, Marrakech to Fes via Sahara, Fes to Marrakech, Tours from Casablanca . Visit our website : www.camelridetours.com

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9 days in a completely different culture meeting amazing people and enjoying great landscapes

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My husband and I returned two days ago from an 11-day trip to Morocco, a private trip organized by the Hassan of the Travel Agency in Morocco. Do not be fooled by the initial delicacy of the person who responds to your requests for information, a person who writes perfectly in Italian, kind, helpful, of everything and more, who signs with the name of Hassan but Hassan is not ... Hassan the we will find at the airport waiting for us, writes the Italian to be sorry and speaks so ecosì .... airplane late and he does not find on arrival, the phone, I write messages on WhatsApp .. Nothing .. .We will know after there are two exits, logically he waited in the other (and say? And come looking for us in both outputs?) ... nooooooo ... You start the program, not even a word of welcome, not even a word on Morocco .. nothing ... Oh well ... After a couple of days of visits like stop in front of the site to visit and then arrange, the guy argues with my husband, the airport wanted to bring us the suitcases for two steps , on arrival in Fes refuse to let us bring the suitcases (after asking if it was far away or the hotel) and then we go all the way uphill with suitcases

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In Morocco it's best to "dress conservatively; cover up shoulders and legs." At night, "Stay somewhere well-lit and attended." The markets are a particular experience: "Be prepared when shopping: "shop owners can be aggressive and don't like to take no for an answer." As for transportation, "might recommend another means of transport (besides driving) around the country, especially for women."

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Morocco Desert Tours, Morocco Camel Trekking and Night in the Desert, Morocco Private and Guided Tours,


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Morocco is a country full of contrasts. We offer endless options to discover Morocco, unhurried and in small groups, whether family, friends, couples, individually. Viajesmarrakech is the best choice for those travelers seeking a direct and personalized treatment. Explore our world and their cultures and let the Organization and management of your event or travel in our hands to ensure its success.

Our goal is to help you experience the best experiences, creating a nice, family atmosphere that will allow you to discover all what you want with the confidence and trust of feeling in a cozy place forming part for a few days of our culture and enjoying this country full of contrasts.

Our specialty is creating custom-made travel, for our independent travelers like you, who want to travel to Morocco in a different way.

New York City

My husband and I decided to celebrate our first half of our honeymoon in Morocco and it was the best decision made! We had a set date to leave Morocco to Spain where we were spending our second half of the honeymoon and Tenere tours was able to create a customized itinerary for us so that we see everything we needed to see while being where we need to be to catch the ferry to Spain. Our tour guide, Hassan, was great. He stopped at certain locations so we can take pictures and was a careful driver getting us from point A to B to C unharmed (we were caught in a sandstorm then a snowstorm all in one day on our way to Fes). The riads were booked via the company as well and they were great choices. In addition, our tour included the camel trek and overnight stay in the desert. This experience is a MUST!!!! You have not been to Morocco if you don't do the desert excursion!!! All in all, a great trip and will recommend Tenere Tours!!!!
For more information www.tenere-tours.com

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Traveling in Morocco : Moroccan ancient history and culture what do we offer A picture can tell thousand words! All excursion 4x4 drive we do pickups drop-offs air port... That tailors to your needs. Our aim is for you to experience and knowledge of our beloved country. To visit the local Medina and embrace the smells and spices Rona's that lingers in the heat of the sun and the souks. With traditional chanting and a abundance of colors. Or to visit the imperial cities. Or visit the Berbers in the hidden valleys, the Sahara Desert experiencing traditional music and foods, sleeping under the stare's camel Riding, Beach excursion, visiting Essaouirra sea breeze, Oualidia... These are completely flexible, and we can help you build your Moroccan trip. So why not speak to our travel specialist they will help you arrange an itinerary to reflect your needs and wishes. Our aim is for you to have a memorable trip and to take a little bit of Morocco with you.

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Hace unas semanas viajé a Marruecos con mi familia y tuvimos la oportunidad de hacer una excursión de 3 días al desierto. Contratamos nuestro viaje con www.RutasPormarruecos.Webnode.es y gracias a su excelente organización disfrutamos de una experiencia fantástica (especialmente mis hijos, para los que dormir en el desierto fué una auténtica aventura.)
Gracias a Mustapha, nuestro guía, por su exquisito trato y profesionalidad.
Esperamos volver muy pronto.

Muchos Gracias Equipo De www.RutasPormarruecos.Webnode.es

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RutasPormarruecos.Webnode.es Organizamos viajes Para amigo y Familia Tambien Grupos y de manera individual, donde podrás experimentar desde la paz absoluta de sus maravillosos atardeceres, hasta las más trepidantes aventuras, ofreciendo la posibilidad de realizar rutas de manera individual o en grupos con 4x4 tipo land Rover, Minubus, y con camellos hasta el corazón de las Dunas.
Disponemos de todo tipo de rutas y circuitos, pistas por carretera, actividades a tu medida,que iremos creando cada día para ti y poder descubrir en tu viaje las maravillas de Marruecos.

Además te ofrecemos alojamiento en pleno Desierto, en hotel o en campamento de Jaimas,como tu mejor desees.
Podemos diseñar para ti un viaje a tu medida!! Nos encargamos de que disfrutes de unas vacaciones inolvidables en Marruecos.

Hecho a medida itinerarios para satisfacer sus necesidades y deseos. 4x4 en Marruecos: ciudades imperiales, excursiones en el desierto, un gran viaje hacia el sur .... Transporte: 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser (6p) con conductor. Alquiler de coches (sin conductor con un guía o con chofer / guía). Erfoud 4x4 Tours desierto. Vivac en el desierto Oasis (campamento). Excursiones en camello por el desierto (camellos viajes). Alojamiento (hoteles, Auberges, riads y vivac kasbah en el desierto), dependiendo de su presupuesto aventuras 4x4 - Guía de conocimiento fuera de la carretera durante todo el tour.


E-mail RutasPormaruecos.Gmail.com

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