BEST WESTERN Plus Belle Meade Inn & Suites

BEST WESTERN Plus Belle Meade Inn & Suites

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5600 O'Brien Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 354-1711Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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Very welcoming staff!!

Every staff member I encountered during my stay at BEST WESTERN plus Belle Meade Inn & Suites Hotel greeted me and left me with a feeling that they truly wanted me to enjoy my stay at their hotel. The hotel was clean, staff was friendly and the breakfast was excellent. We will be staying here again. The location is great for many near-by stores. We did not hear any noise from outside or inside. The breakfast was the best 'breakfast included' we've ever had. The breakfast area was constantly being looked-after and was exceptionally clean. All in all a great experience and we would stay there again!

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Fairly nice, good for big families. They don’t do bridal party blocks, so don’t expect a discount! It’s fairly far out of town, but a continental breakfast is always nice. You’re going to have to trek it out to downtown Nashville, though, so it just depends if the price is worth the travel. Near Walgreens, close to the highway and a little dingy inside. This is an older hotel in a not so great part of town, but the staff is extremely nice and friendly. What they may not have in location they make up for in price and a keen outdoor pool. It’s a nice size and tucked away from the busy intersection that’s out front. There are a couple restaurants around, but mainly you’re just going to want to sleep here. Nothin’ to see.

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BEST WESTERN Plus Belle Meade Inn & Suites

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