Nashville Airport Inn & Suites

Nashville Airport Inn & Suites

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2425 Atrium Way, Nashville, TN 37214
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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This place was…okay. It’s huge, so you get lost as you run around the whole of it, and it felt a bit dingy. My room was fine, the beds were nice and there were a lot of them. The rooms are set up like small apartments which is nice if you’d rather have your meals OUTSIDE a restaurant. There are a lot of stairs and ramps and balconies, so if you have kids you’ll want to keep a close eye on them. The staff was really kind, very available and consistent which I appreciated. It looks like they’re trying, here, but are just a couple clean points away from being great. Maybe because there are just so many rooms?

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The Nashville Airport Inn & Suites is probably best suited for family travelers who are looking for somewhere to stay for an extended period of time. Though it wasn't the cleanest hotel I've ever visited, the beds were super soft, the staff was readily available at the front desk and the rooms have a full kitchen, so you can cook meals rather than eating out, which is definitely helpful when you're on a budget/

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Ντόπιος από Νάσβιλ

For the price and the location, Nashville Airport Inn and Suites is a good deal. You're a short drive from the airport, Opryland, and not too far from downtown Nashville. Free wifi and complimentary breakfast available. Take a dip in the outdoor pool when the season is right. The front desk staff is super helpful and they are 24 hour. Due to a recent security issue, the lobby door is locked at night, but the front desk can buzz you in.

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This hotel felt very homey. It is located is a super quiet area between the airport and the Opryland area. There is a huge courtyard and beautiful outdoor pool. I love the orange exterior- it looked perfect during my fall visit. It has all the extra stuff I expect now- high speed wi-fi, friendly staff, and a little extra room to stretch out. It is a super easy drive to downtown. This would be great for extended stays or for families.

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Nashville Airport Inn & Suites

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