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Ohshima Japanese cuisine
Ohshima Japanese cuisine

Ohshima Japanese cuisine

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Θαλασσινά, Ιαπωνική, Σούσι
Κατατάχθηκε #4 στα Orange εστιατόρια
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1956 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92865
(714) 998-0098
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Λος Άντζελες

The best sushi I've ever eaten in Orange County. Make reservations cause lines are long.

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Λος Άντζελες


Rule of thumb; NO SOY SAUCE cause errrthing is seasoned.

meal was 190 post tax and tip for 2

Chef Shigi (We were served by him YEAH!) will ask you what you don't like, skip the mackerel because anything else will be better.

8 piece omakase
+Spot Prawn - Comes in 3 pieces
+Chu Toro

Best Piece?
Seared Black Cod this was WARM FIRM BUTTER OF UMAMI
Most Unique?
Cherry Salmon

Compared to Sushi Ichi where we spent 270. This place had less piece but they were larger
17 vs 11

Nobu was 300 for two (after 50 dollar discount) and this place knocks it out of the park.

I think next time I rather just get a table cause I still don't know what we were charged for.

Reservation is a pain to get.

Λος Άντζελες

Definitely, need to come back here for Omakase style dinner.

Boyfriend wanted to take me here to try the sushi. So we drove pretty far for that and in traffic too. They stopped taking reservations on the phone when he tried to call so we just had to make it early enough to put ourselves on the waiting list. It's a very small restaurant in a "not so busy" looking strip mall. Can easily be missed.

We get lucky, and didn't have to wait longer than 20 mins.

Fried Oyster for starters: no bad.
Uni Spaghetti: not my kind of dish. Tasted funky to me. Not much flavor and pasty.
Veggie Tempura: lightly battered, I liked the tempura sauce that came with it.

Fresh fish. Our sashimi orders were good. I think next time we'd come back and sit at the bar for the Omakase dinner.


Ντόπιος από Orange

Faves from Omasake Menu: fresh but they had put too much wasabi on each of the pieces; they need to tone it down. This kills the actual flavor of the fish. =(

Cherry Salmon: 5 stars
So fresh that it melted in my mouth, so tasty =)

Scallop: 5 stars
deliciously fresh

Mackerel: 5 stars
I usually dont like mackerel due to its strong fishy taste but this was very fresh tasting & did not have a fishy taste/ smell to it at all.

Toasted Yellow Tail: 5 stars
fresh & melted in one bite

Fresh shrimp: 3.5 stars
ok but not as fresh as other sushi places like Nana San

Salmon Collar: 5 stars
So delicious, I usually try the yellow tail collar but this was even better. Totally suggest trying this if you like salmon. =)

Green Tea Flan: 4 stars
Yummy, smooth & not too sweet. Good balance of flavors.

Overall Food:
3.5 stars but I bumped it up to 4 because of the cute & sweet Bday dessert they gave to my friend for his Bday.

Service: Very slow & inattentive -1 Star

It can get pretty packed here during dinner rush so try to get here before then. =)

Tip: If it's your Bday, they give you a free dessert & even sing to you. =) how sweet

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Ντόπιος από Orange County

I had an amazing Omakase here courtesy of a friend that I haven't seen in awhile.

There is ONE thing that I didn't like which was the silly rule of calling in between 5 - 5:30 PM to make reservations. That's the ONLY window of time they'll accept it. SILLY.

But regardless of that silly rule, the fish was amazing.

Sea Bream
Blue Fin Toro
Sea Bass
Cherry Salmon
Sweet Lip
Black Cod

All of it was mouth watering, tender, and melt in your mouth. My absolute favorite is always the Black Cod, and they do it very well here.

The sushi chef does not give you soy sauce because he adds a seasoning to each piece. Sometimes (rare but there were some times) he was a little heavy handed with the salt.

Wasabi was also fresh.

I didn't get a chance to look at the check, but I believe they also charge for EACH refill of hot tea. Which is bad, because I drink a lot of tea.


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Santa Monica

Oh shita ohshima! amazing. Try the black cod and uni spaghetti. Send me a thank u card.

Ντόπιος από Irvine

I NEVER waited more than 30 minutes to eat anywhere b.c. I honestly don't think any food is waiting this long~ I still don't think it's worth waiting an hour to eat here, but I did waited b.c. I want to see for myself if this place is as good as claimed by many.

Here's all the sushi I ate in one big collage (http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/ohshima-japanese-cuisine-orange-3?select=-3T_OIlhmY-NmkupNW0ZDA)

Tip: Call ahead of time to make reservation; otherwise, the wait will be more than 45 minutes for sure. Go to Nana San if you're not nigiri type of person; more options, choices and control over your sushi faith!

The sushi here is really fresh and different from any other place because almost ever piece of their nigiri has a touch of Oshima's special sauce on it. I personally don't like sauces on my fish because I like the pure taste of fish. However, some were really good so I don't mind.

If you choose to sit at a sushi bar, the first 8 pieces of nigiri is Omakase. If you're not a rice person, well... you're sort of out of luck. The sushi chef does put rice on the bottom of the fish; hence, I said "nigiri". You can, nonetheless, tell the sushi chef to put less rice on the bottom. I normally eat sashimi so I don't have to run off all the carbs afterward, so it was kinda bummer that I was wasting all these rice.

With all the fish I ate, I only remember the last two: 1. Yellow Tail - which doesn't taste like yellow tail since it had some sort of sauce on it, 2. Sweet Shrimp (w. head made soup) - it was very fresh and delicious. Lastly, I ordered tamago - thank goodness they did not put sauce on this ^^ Their tamago was very different from any other places'. Their tamago has seaweed in it, so it taste a little salty, which makes it extra delicious!

I also ordered the beef wrapped in green onion - really good, not overly cooked and not overly oniony to give you a onion breath for the rest of the night and fried oyster - creamy, fresh, delicious, and not overly batter - the best I ever had.

Dessert - go somewhere else. Got the cheese cake flame - definitely not worth the money.

Ντόπιος από Newport Beach

Oh Shima, how ureshii you make me. I don't jump onto the omakase train very often, but after reading some of the other reviews, I figured now was the time.

Each piece was precisely cut, gorgeously prepared, and exquisitely balanced in terms of flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite and wish I would have asked them to cut each piece in half so I could savor it even more. Price wise this is a very reasonable deal given the freshness of the fish and the fact that almost all of them are brought in from Japan. Wish I could eat like this every night.

Our group also had the chocolate bar with the vanilla shake, and the newly added apple wontons with ice cream. The chocolate bar paired very well with the ice cream shake that was served in a cute little shot glass, and reminded me of my childhood when I would madly stir ice cream to get it to melt into a kind of paste that I would then gulp down like it was my last meal. Quite the splendid little touch to the chocolate which could have stood on its own. And our server was kind enough to bring us 2 more glasses for our party of 6 free of charge, which was greatly appreciated!

The apple wontons were very heavy on the cinnamon, and I would have preferred for a little more sugar instead of the liberal dusting of cinnamon. Pretty much a miss for me.

Overall I had a very positive experience. Service wise, I felt very well taken care of. We were given good recommendations, were informed of the policy of automatic gratuity addition for our larger party, and I always felt that if we had any questions all we had to do was look up and we would be attended to right away.

If I came again I would definitely sit at the bar (especially for omakase), but as we had a large group, it simply wouldn't have been feasible. All said, this was a near flawless visit for me. Ohshima gets my full recommendation.


'O' is for Ohshima and we decided to satiate our cravings for sushi in the lovely city of Orange. Our alphabet series dinner party of 6 ordered a variety of items. More importantly, I had the 8-piece omakase ($26.50; chef's choice) which was absolutely divine. Drew M. ordered the 10-piece omakase ($34) which included all of my nigiri plus toro and Spanish mackerel. My favorites were the cherry salmon and the torched piece that had a bit of smokiness to it. So yummy! Vanessa H. and Bette M. ordered the chicken and steak teriyaki, respectively. Azya C. had the miso soup, duck entree and cherry salmon nigiri. Mari H. had the miso soup, jalapeno yellowtail carpaccio, mushrooms, and cherry salmon nigiri. Sensing a theme? Yes, the cherry salmon is delectable and fresh. My omakase platter was perfectly seasoned. You see, the chef preseasons the fish so that you don't need any additional soy sauce or yuzu salt. Each piece was wonderful, like a party in your mouth that you don't want to end. Desserts were ordered: chocolate bar with vanilla shakes and apple wontons. Of the two, we preferred the chocolate bar and mini vanilla shakes.

Our server was wonderful and attentive. Just a note, parties of 6 or more will have gratuity added to the bill. This is stated on the menu, so you shouldn't be surprised. They do tell you at the time they bring your bill. Credit cards are accepted but note that they don't have a fancy computer to divide the check, so you need to be patient with them. There was a little issue since we had to divide it up pre-tip, yet the tip was added to one of the cards at the end. It was a little weird, but we didn't mind because we were happily full. I'm so glad we got to experience excellent sushi in Orange County that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I can't wait to tell everyone about it!

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Just like any other day my friends and I were having hard time deciding what to eat for dinner. Luckily someone suggested we use Yelp. After going through my bookmarks I suggested Ohshima. We were not disappointed.

Upon arrival we had noticed that they had just opened. However once we entered the restaurant we noticed that all tables had already been taken. There are only about 8 tables in the entire restaurant.

The hostess offered us open seats at the sushi bar but indicated that they only do Omakase (chef's choice) at the bar. She explained that they only serve sashimi and nigiri. Apparently the fish is flown in every Tuesday and Thursday. After all the explanation we were very excited for our upcoming meal.

While doing the Omakase you have the choice of how many piece you would like. I went with the 12 piece order. I got the following:

Seabream lightly salted with citrus [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=2sxmvRUGCs_vfnLPcaHolA]

Amberjack [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=yDJBoOmOV83pyA3txEIoOg]

Bluefin tuna [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=4JlBbOOhA5PoRLNjNuoIKw]

Toro [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=iv0exdibNzKTmyyJ2UL5lQ]

Japanese scallop [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=6YrR7XE1zu45jMhvRgjMNA]

Cherry salmon [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=EoCoC5o3KbIrkr9V_1SiUg]

King makarel [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=i3zV-SFReIlZDPjeYRBvmQ]

Black Cod (torched) [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=oxf0XsXKicux0Yv_LWiXEA]

Seabass [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=UTOi3gYIxSe8ePiF06A_rw]

Young Amberjack [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=A5C-VFu7r-LSPhVKYw0pqQ]

Pongy [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=ZJPqNlQzMw7yiTQ7-ZLHvg]

Chicken grunt fish [http://www.yelp.com/user_local_photos?userid=3hWhXTkU83jsm3jIA-rkIg&select=M1tva7Z8iUK51SOMKSIOTQ]

Everything was delicious and super fresh. My favorites we the toro, cherry salmon, young amber jack, and Japanese scallop. I found the Seabass to be a little tough. I normally like Seabass cooked, but I didn't realize how firm the meat was when raw.

Service was also great. Everyone was friendly and very attentive.

Overall great experience. Probably one of the best sushi experiences I have had. I love how they fly their fish in twice a week and how the chef seasons every bite. There is no need for soy sauce.

In terms of cost it was about $50 for the 12 pieces which is a little pricey, but that is to be expected for delicious fresh sushi. I can't wait to eat here again!

Ohshima Japanese cuisine

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