Port Lincoln YHA

Port Lincoln YHA

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24 - 26 London St, Port Lincoln, South Australia 5606, Australia
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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This hostel is hands down the best I've ever seen in Australia. Europe has the hostel thing down, and I hadn't found anything in Aus that compared - until now!

The YHA in Port Lincoln is the place to go, especially if you are partaking in the Great White Shark dive run by Calypso Star. If you book a dive with Calypso, you get a night free in the dorm or a discount off a private room.

The hostel is BRAND NEW (completed in November 2012) and the decor is spot on. The theme is sharks, but is not tacky at all. Incredibly well done. They even have a shark cage and great white model in the front lobby for photo opportunities.

Owned and run by Debi and Robert, the hostel is so clean, you will wonder why other hostels can't maintain the same standard. Awesome kitchen, lounge room, movie room, gorgeous bathrooms (every dorm has an ensuite and the group bathrooms in the halllway are like something from a very posh gym, complete with hair dryers and fresh step-upon towels in the showers).

There is also an outdoor deck/BBQ area for guests to use anytime.

And Debi and Robert are great. Debi will make sure you clean your dishes (I loved this since so many hostel-goers think their mom will appear from out of nowhere and do this for them) and Robert will help you clean and prepare the fish you caught that day! Nicest people and they have a great little dog, Cody, who adorably hangs around the hostel.

I loved this place and was sad to leave. Was tempted to ask for a job!

If you are going to Port Lincoln for any reason, this is the best place to stay. Excellent value and will accommodate back packers and those who want private rooms. Can't say enough good things about it!



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Port Lincoln YHA

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