Hotel Monaco Portland - A Kimpton Hotel

Hotel Monaco Portland - A Kimpton Hotel

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506 SW Washington, Portland, OR 97204
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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Overall, I wasn't that impressed with this 4-star rated hotel. It was okay, but it didn't feel like a 4-star experience. See below.

SERVICE - The service/staff was great! I'd give them 5-stars alone for that. The hotel offers bike rentals (nice hipster ones) free of charge (to be honest, the best way to get around Portland). Everyone was very helpful and nice.

HOTEL ROOM - The room was honestly disappointing. It looks nice and quirky (as you can see in the pictures), but it was 1) a bit small 2) the bed was not comfortable at all 3) Bathroom floor was over-waxed (almost slipped multiple times). We called to see if we could get a different room with a bed that didn't have a very noticeable divot in the middle (we'd fall into it throughout the night), but was told by the front desk all beds were the same and they couldn't move us.

LOCATION - Great location! Right in the middle of the Pearl district, nothing is too far (is anything ever too far in Portland?).

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The Monaco is a beautifully designed arty Kimpton hotel. I love the funky wallpaper on the walls and arty objects everywhere.

Συνιστάται για:FoodiesΛάτρεις της ΠολυτέλειαςΛάτρεις του Art & Design

The Hotel Monaco is probably my favorite place to stay in Portland. The hotel rooms are HUGE and have a separate sitting area with a pullout couch. The rooms have fantastic floor to ceiling windows that let the light in, even on a rainy Portland day. The bathrooms are adequate and generously sized, but aren't anything to write home about. The Monaco's friendly staff, spacious lobby, and nightly free wine

Συνιστάται για:Λάτρεις της ΠολυτέλειαςTrendsters
Νέο Δελχί

definitely the place to stay in portland, centrally located with free coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon. comfy beds and free wifi if you're a kimpton rewards member

West Linn

Elegant Red Star Private lounge is a secret area behind a wall of bookshelves, reminiscent of a Sherlock Holmes mystery, catered parties are exquisite. Portions are huge and overall the main courses were done well but the prep was inconsistent. Desserts were fair.

Συνιστάται για:FoodiesΛάτρεις της ΠολυτέλειαςΛάτρεις της Νυχτερινής Ζωής

Dog-friendly hotel! The rooms are big! I stayed here for work one night, and the location was convenient. The design and decor are great, and the staff is friendly.

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New York City

Despite being part of a large, chain hotel, Hotel Monaco does a really good job of personalizing each guest's stay. Add a central location and an always alert staff for a great Portland hotel.

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Σαν Φρανσίσκο
Community Manager

Just stayed here over the weekend. At first I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't be staying at The Nines again, but this was a much better find!

- Great service + super friendly staff
- Hotel happy hour and complimentary coffee/tea in the morning
- Awesome cheetah & zebra robes in the room
- Cutest stuffed black bear on our bed
- Couldn't have asked for better decor in the room & bath areas
- Super accommodating with late checkout
- Fire place in the cozy lobby area
- Convenient location to all the public transits

- Nada!!!

TIP: I would definitely stay here again!! Got a great deal on Orbitz :)

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Menlo Park

Hotel Monaco Portland not only invites your four-legged family members into its plush hotel rooms, but the staff also make sure that Fido will be able to experience all that this diverse city has to offer without leaving your side. Timmy, a yellow lab and the resident Director of Pet Relations, is said to be an expert at sniffing out pet-friendly Portland spots, including local breweries. The concierge can also arrange a walk for your pooch if you’ve had a few too many beer samples to make it around the block.

Συνιστάται για:Ταξιδιώτες Με ΟικογένειαΛάτρεις της Πολυτέλειας

My favorite Portland hotel when I'm shopping.

It's pet friendly and very central to walking to shops and restaurants. Great service, clean and cute.

Pleasant Hill

I stayed here during my last trip to Portland. I got the reservation off Hotwire for only $89 (plus tax/fees).

I enjoyed almost everything about the Hotel Monaco, except maybe not having Gayle with me (hence only 4 Stars). The hotel is well located in downtown Portland and every employee I interfaced with (door, desk, lounge, cleaning staff, etc.) was helpful and friendly. I enjoyed the afternoon wine reception in the afternoon and appreciated the free selection of 4 newspapers in the morning. The room was nicely appointed and had both a comfortable stuffed chair and bed.

In other words, it was a great experience and I really look forward to coming back!


This hotel is downtown. Expensive but worth it. Elegantly whimsical design in the rooms and lobby, impeccable yet casual service- it was a delight to spend a few days here.


I was placed here via a Priceline bid and was pleasantly surprised. Good location, and memorable amenities include leopard print bathrobes and a minibar decorated with the silhouettes of famous philosophers. Parking is kinda pricey, but I imagine it's comparable to other hotels in the area.

Σαν Χοσέ

Great location at the down town. We stayed there on January 2011. They do charge 33$ for overnight parking. It is a walking distance from many attractions. very Clean.
I loved the bed, it felt so royal. The room is not so big but the design is beautiful, very detailed. My husband and I both had our own bath robs which was fun. The lobby is beautiful and inviting with the warm colors. It has a lot of space where you can sit and relax while waiting for your taxi. Bottom line luxurious atmosphere with wart touch.

Hacienda Heights
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Πρόσβαση στο Διαδίκτυο
  • Ασύρματο ίντερνετ (επιπλέον χρέωση)
Εστιατόριο και Ποτά
  • Μπαρ/lounge
  • Εστιατόριο
  • Παρέχεται πρωινό (επιπλέον χρέωση)
Γυμναστήριο και Ψυχαγωγία
  • Υπηρεσίες θυρωρού
  • Υπηρεσίες σπα στο κατάλυμα
  • Σπα με πλήρεις υπηρεσίες
  • Αίθουσα/-ες θεραπείας σπα
  • Κέντρο ευεξίας/γυμναστήριο
  • Χρήση του κοντινού γυμναστηρίου (έκπτωση)
  • Δυνατότητα παροχής λιμουζίνας ή πολυτελών αυτοκινή
  • Στάθμευση με παρκαδόρο (επιπλέον χρέωση)
  • Προσβασιμότητα ατομών με αναπηρία στα δωμάτια
  • Μπάνιο προσβάσιμο για άτομα με αναπηρία
  • Ντους προσβάσιμο με αναπηρική καρέκλα
Tαξίδι με Παιδιά
  • Δωρεάν κούνιες/κρεβατάκια μωρού
  • Επιτρέπονται κατοικίδια (χωρίς χρέωση)
Υπηρεσίες και Ανέσεις
  • Κομμωτήριο
  • Λειτουργία ρεσεψιόν 24 ώρες το 24ωρο
  • Υπηρεσία στεγνοκαθαριστηρίου/πλυντηρίου
  • Κατάλυμα μη καπνιστών
  • Ανελκυστήρας
  • Χρηματοκιβώτιο στη ρεσεψιόν
  • Πολύγλωσσο προσωπικό
  • Δωρεάν εφημερίδες στο λόμπι
  • Συνεδριακός χώρος
  • Πορτιέρης/θυρωρός
  • Business center 24ωρης λειτουργίας
  • Τραπεζικό μηχάνημα ανάληψης μετρητών
  • Τζάκι στο λόμπι
  • Ιδιωτικό μπάνιο
  • Πιστολάκι μαλλιών
  • Συνδυασμός ντουζιέρας/μπανιέρας
  • Επώνυμα προϊόντα προσωπικής περιποίησης
  • Κλινοσκεπάσματα υψηλής ποιότητας (premium)
  • Διαθέσιμα υποαλλεργικά κλινοσκεπάσματα
  • Στρώμα με ανώστρωμα
  • Ιταλικά σεντόνια Frette
  • Επιπλέον υπηρεσίες οροφοκομίας το βράδυ
Γεύμα στο Δωμάτιο
  • Υπηρεσία δωματίου - room service (συγκεκριμένες ώρ
  • Μίνι μπαρ
  • Βραστήρας για καφέ/τσάι
Πολυμέσα και Τεχνολογία
  • Τηλέφωνο
  • Καλωδιακή τηλεόραση
  • Τηλεόραση με επίπεδη οθόνη
  • Τηλεοπτικά κανάλια premium
  • Ταινίες επί πληρωμή
Υπηρεσία Καθαριότητας
  • Καθημερινές υπηρεσίες οροφοκομίας
Άλλες Ανέσεις Δωματίου
  • Κλιματισμός
  • Κλιματισμός στο δωμάτιο
  • Μπουρνούζια
  • Διαθέσιμα συνδεδεμένα/διπλανά δωμάτια
  • Σίδερο/σιδερώστρα
  • Γραφείο
  • Χρηματοκιβώτιο στο δωμάτιο (χωράει λάπτοπ)
  • Δωρεάν καθημερινή εφημερίδα
Πληροφορίες Ακινήτου
  • Συνολικός αριθμός δωματίων - 221
  • Αριθμός ορόφων - 10
  • Γρήγορο check-out
Hotel Monaco Portland - A Kimpton Hotel

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