Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina

Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina

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1380 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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Σαν Φρανσίσκο

Although the rooms here are slightly dated, the views of the harbor are great, and hotel isn't too far from the Convention Center.


Great hotel in the area it's unbelievable to walk around in. Lots of great restaurants and things to do there.

Συνιστάται για:BusinessΤαξιδιώτες Με ΟικογένειαΛάτρεις της Περιπέτειας

This hotel is literally across the street from the airport, but as long as you know that, it is a nice enough property. The view of downtown San Diego was impressive from our hotel room, and the service was very friendly.

Ντόπιος από Σαν Ντιέγκο

The Sheraton is one of those beautiful hotels that sounds good in theory but ends up being more hassle than its worth. The location is hard to beat along the San Diego Marina and it's super close to the airport.

Unfortunately, it's also a prime example of a nice hotel that tacks on additional charges wherever it can. It costs an additional $24/night to park your car and has a $14/night resort fee, which includes access to the tennis courts and allows you to rent either a bicycle, kayak or paddleboard for an hour each day. I guess this would be a nice feature if you planned to do so but it's annoying that they just assume that you'd like to do these things and just automatically add the fee.

Of course, the rooms are beautifully decorated but there's more absurdity there as well, such as the mini-fridge that is stocked with expensive snacks that they will add to your bill.

Συνιστάται για:Λάτρεις της ΥπαίθρουBusinessΛάτρεις της Πολυτέλειας
Ντόπιος από Σαν Ντιέγκο

There aren’t always nice hotels that are pet friendly, but this is definitely one of them. I’m not surprised because if you go downstairs, you’re practically on the water and EVERYONE is walking their dog. It’s a nice hotel, certainly. You know, the lobby is huge, and there’s a water feature at the entrance where they provide valet parking. And crazily enough, this place also has its own private dock.
Obviously, you can’t swim in the bay, but you can either sit at their restaurant that looks out toward the bay (amazing views!) or you can swim in one of their three pools.

The hotel is kind of in a weird spot- if you look at it on the map, it looks like the entire peninsula it’s on is man-made. It can be confusing and there is a round about on one side, but when I drove there weren’t a ton of problems with it.

The other downside was friendliness. The staff was nice enough, but everyone was in such a hurry I felt like the people that made the loudest noise were helped first. I don't think that's the hotel's fault, but I am not sure about the customers that stay there.

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Ντόπιος από Σαν Ντιέγκο

The Sheraton impressed me by having a level of polish uncommon to hotels in the neighborhood. Everything is flashing new, sharp, and shiny. You will definitely notice that it is a four star hotel. There are two buildings in the complex: the "Marina" building, the more convenient of the two, and the "Bay Tower," which is quieter, without the business rooms downstairs, but more of a walk to the pools and facilities. The desk told me that the rooms in the Bay Tower are 30% larger, and the exact same price. The nautical-primary-color scheme in the rooms is a bit jarring, but they grounds were very well manicured. It feels almost like a resort.

The hotel is in a great location, in the bay, minutes from downtown, and literally across the street from the airport. The bay is an attraction in itself, and there are nice walking trails that go for miles, as well as sightseeing in the marina. The amenities were top notch, and they have a beautiful pool. Aside from what's mentioned, there's not really much within walking distance, but a lot is accessible with a short car ride. Be ready for a hefty parking and internet fee if you plan to stick around in the room.

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Santa Clara
Πρώτος που έκανε κριτική

Had a miserable experience here. Hotel is old and run down. Staff were unfriendly and useless. Ultimately their corporate office offered a complimentary return visit but I declined as I have no interest in experiencing this again.

San Francisco and New York

Despite looking on the outside like a big, mediocre, 1970’s built hotel, the inside has been smartly updated and made very enticing. The lobby is big, spacious and has a hip looking business center in the middle of it. The rooms are also updated and are clean and sharp looking. But my favorite part is the big ass pool. It back up to a marina where you can rent boats if you’d like and the pool itself is big enough to fit tons of kids and adults who want to enjoy the sunshine and the water. Given the hotel’s location, the clientele is very family oriented during the summer and gets tons of conventions year round. When I was there, I had just missed the national OCD convention. I imagine they went through a lot of hand sanitizer.

Συνιστάται για:Ταξιδιώτες Με ΟικογένειαBusiness
Λος Άντζελες

First of all, yes, this hotel is expensive. It's located right across from the airport, the marina is right outside the door so you can walk along the water, and the area around is beautiful. There's a $22 daily fee for parking, and wifi is not free either.

Luckily for me, I was there on a business trip recently so I didn't have to pay for any of that...

My room was located on the first floor near the pool. I was disappointed by my crappy view of people walking around the parking lot, so I kept the curtains mostly closed. Nonetheless, the room was clean, quiet and relaxing. The king bed was suuuuper comfortable zzzzz...

Amenities: Pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, game area, and I think I saw a tennis court.

Food: I spotted a bar type restaurant on one side of the lobby, a fancy restaurant on the other side, and a Starbucks. I didn't eat at the restaurants because they were kind of expensive...

But here's a tip to save you some moolah: you can get a $5 voucher every morning if you put the green choice paper sign on your door knob at night (to indicate that you don't want room service). I was able to get two, and combined them to get some goodies at Starbucks.

The business conference was held there, and I thought it was a great location for that since they had made arrangements for shuttles (to go to other parts of San Diego in the evening) and a cruise (leaving right there from the marina). There are many meeting rooms and spacious ballrooms. The food provided by the hotel was delicious and the staff was so nice.

So I had a great stay overall. However, if I came to visit San Diego for fun and to explore, I would probably prefer staying at a hotel closer to where all the action is (might be cheaper too). This hotel is a little isolated.

Ντόπιος από Σαν Ντιέγκο

Located next to the airport with complimentary shuttle to and from airport. Rooms are great and comfortable with an amazing view of the bay. Con- far taxi from downtown or beaches, must pay for guest parking, no complimentary breakfast.

San Carlos

THe best word I would use to describe this hotel is convenient. It is located literally a 5 minute drive away from the San Diego airport, and they run a shuttle every 15-20 minutes between the hotel and the airport so you don't have to worry about getting a cab or other form of transportation to the hotel when you land. There is a tech station in the lobby where you can check your email, and there is free wifi in the lobby area as well as a full Starbucks behind the front desk. There is a well-equipped full business center and a FedEx/Kinkos off the lobby as well. This hotel is extremely large (with 2 towers making up the hotel), the lobby looks like it was updated recently. I came here for a conference for 1 day so I didn't see the rooms, but the hotel itself was great and very convenient. The location is also gorgeous, located on the Marina and water, so you get great views.

Συνιστάται για:Business
Ντόπιος από Σαν Ντιέγκο

Great place to pool crash. Nice stroll around Spanish landing - very peaceful.


Good hotel for the $ It was a good (if not great) deal. View of harbor and close to airport (very - very close to airport) - the decor was good. Nice room and great balcony overlooking the boats & water. If you get a good deal I would recommend

Ντόπιος από Σαν Ντιέγκο

Sheraton Hotel and Marina, Is on Habor Island , down by the water front, near the San Diego International Airport and Car rentals near down San Diego on the Harbor. Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina is a up scale Hotel with a view of the Harbor. Taxis are near
tours and tour guides are near ,
Cruise ship pier is near. Bus and trolley all near.
Amtrack near Pier on Broadway at the foot of Harbor Broadway

SF Bay Area, Western US

This Sheraton is old, but they have done a nice job of sprucing it up. The great thing about this hotel is the location...right on the bay overlooking the water on one side, the boat harbor on the other side, and the City Skyline and a view of the Coronado bridge.

It has 2 towers, both about 12 stories. The main tower, called the Marina Tower, is the main entrance. But about 200 yards away down the harbor, is the second tower, called the Bay Tower. Both have restaurants, parking, and valet services. There is a large fountain in front of the Marina tower, nicely landscaped with tall lighted Palm Trees and accented with Bird of Paradise plants. The landscaping is well maintained. In the lobby with marble flooring, is a HUGE salt water fish tank. The decor is nautically themed, and materials are mostly blue with yellow accented carpets and yellow wall paper. The rooms are similarly themed, with red accents, too.

The room's in the Bay Tower are pretty good sized, mine had the old school Mini-Bar, comfortable love seat and chair seating area with light wooded furniture, a large, darker wooded desk, ample clost space, a typical bathroom, and a 27 inch TV (no LCDTV yet).

The king size bed is diagonally set, with two built in side tables. Every room in the Bay Tower has full width balconies, with 2 chairs and a table, with a great sea breeze and the smell of the ocean waters wafting into your respiratory system.

The Marina Tower has a large squiglly Y shaped pool, with 2 seahorse sculptures shooting water on rocks water fall. In the same area in the rear, which overlooks the Boat Harbor, is a large fountain with a Humpback Whale sculpture about to flap its tail. There is a Starbucks in house here, and a nice Microsoft sponsored lounge behind the lobby with 5 PC workstations. The Fitness center is in this building and decent size.

My company has hosted a small conference here, and the service and attention to detail was superb. They have post card photos of the "Comfort Specialist" for your room on your desk to insure your satisfaction. I have stayed in 50 plus hotels in the past year and a half, and I must say that the Starwood Chain, lead by Sheraton's early standard, has the most comfortable beds in the business. Hilton is next, and Hyatt's next after that.

There is a compimentary shuttle to the airport (just half a mile away) and you are not too far from downtown, the Gas Lamp, and other sites. This is a solid choice for San Diego. Prices are usually around $200, although you can get group rates for about $150, sometimes less, depending on season, availability and size of your group. I have seen it as low as $100 in off times.


I stayed here after a late night flight back to San Diego so that I wouldn't be late for an early morning class downtown. I'm glad that I did because the location is perfect and the facilities great. The staff was super friendly and ensured that my stay was comfortable. The bed was among the most comfortable that I have slept in and the room was nicely renovated. The room that I was in was so well insulated that I couldn't even hear the airplanes at the airport nearby which ranks this one above other hotels in the area that I have stayed in.


This hotel is close to the airport. It is right on the marina so the views are great. I would definitely stay here again.

Ντόπιος από Σαν Ντιέγκο

There are two separate towers at this Sheraton so if you have a preference, be sure to state so when you are booking your rooms. The Bay Tower is the older of the two. We stayed at the Marina Tower that overlooked the Marina. The pool in the Marina Tower was fairly sized and had close access to the bar/restaurant.

Rooms were average sized but clean and bright. Comfy beds with nice linens. Close enough to downtown but just far enough to get away from the craziness of it all.


Very nice hotel! I enjoy staying at a Sheraton any time I travel!

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Enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Miss u!



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Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina

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