Happy House Hostel

Happy House Hostel

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Moneda 1829, Santiago, Chile
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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Ντόπιος από Providencia

You can’t argue with a hostel that puts some thought into its décor. Happy House Hostel is full of little details that will put a smile to each of the guests’ faces. Its common areas are big and spacious. Guests who want to have some quiet time or be alone can find a nice corner to do so. It is also very clean, which is unusual for a hostel. The kitchen looked nice and well thought out. The patio area was beautiful, so this is a great place to stay at if you are visiting Santiago in the summer. The area of Barrio Brazil is famous for its bohemian feel, which is very cool but I would suggest coming and going in groups at night as this particular zone gets very dark when the sun goes down.

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Ντόπιος από Σαντιάγο

This hostel was a lot more sophisticated than the average hostel. As soon as I entered, I came across a long entrance hall and lounge space, with tall, floor-standing lamps, in a minimalist design. This added to the sense of space and I liked that. I also liked the small touch of naming each room after a different part of Chile. I thought that was novel. The designer happens to be Chilean and was in the process of redesigning the outdoor area of the hostel when I visited. I think the pool and patio area will be amazing when fully finished. I also liked being able to choose to add heating, internet or breakfast to your bill and therefore control your expenses. The staff were superb. They were always on hand to help guests with any matter and if the management offers discounts to large groups who are staying for a long time.

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Μπουένος Άιρες

I absolutely loved this this hostel and everything about it — its contemporary, chic design (by a local designer), its attentive staff, the little touches, like giving names of regions and cities in Chile to all its rooms and dormitories, and the hostel-branded water available in the mini bar in the entrance lounge. The redecoration that the hostel’s undergoing has already added lots of plus points — part of which includes the amazing outdoor pool and patio area where they regularly host live music events. But by far, what I loved about this hostel the most was its concern for sustainable tourism. You can recycle your batteries, some of the furniture items were created from recycled bamboo and the heaters in the rooms switch themselves off when guests leave the room. I was expecting an ordinary hostel before I arrived, but I found something much more sophisticated.

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Ντόπιος από Σαντιάγο

Remember when you were in high school, and you had that one friend that had the swankiest, funnest house, and everyone wanted to hang out there? Well, this is the hostel version of that. Hip, vintage, personal design. A pool table. A ping-pong table. A rad pool and deck. A bar. Great food. There's even a telescope to check out the great view. Various classes offered. The guest book on the table is full of fantastic reviews, most of which can be summed up like this: "My favorite hostel EVER." It's hard to imagine anyone being disappointed by their experience here.

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Ντόπιος από Σαντιάγο
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For young travelers on a budget, there is not a better place than this hostel. This old building has been renovated and updated. The feel and design of the whole place is bohemian vintage swank. It is like going to the upscale "W" in Las Condes, Santiago but on a budget in a relatively tattered but safe neighborhood of central Santiago. A great pool, waterfall, pool table, and lounges. This hostel really could not have been done better. Plus the wonderful Chilean receptionist is fluent in English. I feel confident saying when you come to stay at the Happy House will leave just that, HAPPY! To the owners: thanks for your care for detail and desire for guest satisfaction. Well done!

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  • Συνολικός αριθμός δωματίων - 28
  • Αριθμός ορόφων - 3
  • Έτος κατασκευής 1910
  • Check-in όλο το 24ωρο
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Happy House Hostel

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