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  • Hilton Tel Aviv
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  • Hotel Montefiore
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  • InterContinental David Tel Aviv
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  • Brown TLV Urban Hotel
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Τι να κάνετε σε Tel Aviv

  • Neve Tzedek
    Bars, Clubs και Νυχτερινή Ζωή, Shopping, Ύπαιθρος, Ιστορικός Χώρος, Αξιοθέατο, Αγορά, Γειτονιά
    Δημοφιλές σεArt & DesignΙστορία
  • Tel Aviv Port
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Αξιοθέατο, Αποβάθρα
    Δημοφιλές σεΟικογένειεςFoodies
  • HaCarmel Market (שוק הכרמל)
    Shopping, Ύπαιθρος, Υπαίθρια Αγορά
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesBackpackers
  • Rothschild Boulevard
    Ύπαιθρος, Πλατεία
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Tel Aviv


Το καλοκαίρι είναι εποχή για παραλία στο Τελ Αβίβ, πράγμα που σημαίνει ότι οι αυτοί που αναζητούν τον ήλιο βγαίνουν μαζικά για να αγωνιστούν για μια θέση στις αμμώδεις μεσογειακές ακτές της πόλης. Αν δεν σας ... Διαβάστε περισσότερα
ενδιαφέρει να μαυρίσετε, είναι καλύτερα να αποφύγετε την πόλη κατά τη διάρκεια αυτής της περιόδου που οι θερμοκρασίες είναι υψηλές, ξεπερνώντας συχνά τους 30C και τα ξενοδοχεία είναι πιο ακριβά. Υπάρχει μια δεύτερη εποχή τον χειμώνα με κάπως λιγότερο κόσμο, που οι Ευρωπαίοι κινούνται νότια για να ζεσταθούν. Με θερμοκρασίες που κυμαίνονται μεταξύ 18-27C και λιγότερα πλήθη, σχεδιάστε το ταξίδι σας για νωρίς την άνοιξη ή αργά το φθινόπωρο, όταν μπορείτε να κάνετε μια χαλαρή βόλτα κατά μήκος της παραλίας και να φάτε έξω σχετικά ήρεμα.

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Τα καλύτερα εστιατόρια σε Tel Aviv

  • North Abraxas (צפון אברקסס)
    Μεσογειακή, Diners
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΝυχτερινή Ζωή
  • Benedict
    Γαλλική, Πρωινό & Brunch
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΟικογένειες
  • Brasserie M&R
    Γαλλική, Αρτοποιείο
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΠολυτέλεια
  • Giraffe Noodle Bar
    Ασιατική/Ειρηνικού, Fusion
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΝυχτερινή Ζωή
Tel Aviv

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  • 9.8
    Λάτρεις της Νυχτερινής Ζωής
  • 8.5
  • 7.3
    Λάτρεις της Υπαίθρου
  • 7.3
  • 6.4

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Great boardwalk by the beach, very nice to walk or bike on. Many hotels and cafes along the boardwalk.

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Gorgeous beaches, lots of activity , fantastic weather . Sums it up in a nutshell.


Tel Aviv is a small historic city that is quickly becoming a cultural, technological and financial hub. There is a huge amount of construction going on as the city continues to expand. Something here for everyone, from small artsy streets to lively nightclubs and a spectacular beach on the Mediterranean.

Ντόπιος από Tel Aviv

Amazing city for any type of traveler. If you are with your family there are plenty of organized tours, restaurants and ofcourse culture and history to explore. For the young and maybe single, there is a ridiculous amount of nightclubs and bars to choose from. Tel Aviv, definitely the place to vacation. I've lived there for 7 years, so if you have any questions feel free to ask! Take care


Tel Aviv is great however you should know what you are looking to do and find what right for you, but anyway Tel-Aviv offers something for everybody.


Palo Alto

Tel Aviv has lots to offer. Most of all, it's a very walkable city, full of juxtapositions. Here's my top 10 for first-time visitors:
1/ Explore the Bauhaus architecture of the city (over 4000 Bauhaus buildings in this UNESCO world heritage site. The Bauhaus museum (99 Dizengoff St) offers walking tours of the city (every Fri 10am for English speakers)
2/ Old Jaffa (see my review on old Jaffa) In addition, new areas around Jaffa are opening up Noga is becoming quite trendy with ceramic art studios and cafes juxtaposed with car workshops and old lamp shops.
3/ Shuk Carmel is colourful and there's an art market nearby on Fridays.
4/KeremHaTamanim, just behind the shuk is the Yemenite neighbourhood. The Yemenite Jews, amongst a host of other interesting aspects, are known throughout Israel for their distinctive food: Jachnun, malawach, meat soups and tzhoug chilli sauce. Small eateries in this quiet neighbourhood are ever popular with those in the know.
5/ Neve Tzedek
Another charming neighborhood filled with art shops and quaint cafes to walk around and explore. Catch a dance performance at the Susan Dellal Centre.
6/ Tel Aviv Port (see my Tel Aviv guide)
7/ Shenkin Street - where you can sample Israeli street fashion and brands.
8/ Rothschild Boulevard (see my Rothschild guide)
9/ The night scene. Tel Aviv is a party city with a great underground vibe. Ideally make friends with a local and get them to introduce you.
10/ A day at the beach - So much activity on the weekend. Find a spot, have a drink and people watch - people playing matkot (paddle ball) on the beach, drummers fresh from their 'India experience', surfers, sun bathers and more.

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Los Angeles
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Vibrant, alive, secular. A culture shock when coming from Jerusalem. I needed at least several more days to start developing an understanding of Tel Aviv but the contrast with Jerusalem was immediately evident.

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Kiryat Gat

Tel Aviv is 1 of the best city in Israel it work 24 hours good food and bars wonderful beach and have a beautiful woman :)))


Tel Aviv is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new. From the ancient stone streets of Jaffa you can see dozend of cranes rising over the financial district as the city continues to grow. The beaches and nightlife give the city a Miami feel, but the small galleries and shops of Jaffa have a distinct artist colony vibe.

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New York City

Tel Aviv was the best time. It is such a fun and young city with awesome beaches and amazing culture. Go to Benedict's for brunch!!