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  • Hagia Sophia
    Μουσείο Ιστορίας
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαArt & Design
  • Topkapı Palace
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Μουσείο Ιστορίας, Ιστορικός Χώρος
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαArt & Design
  • Grand Bazaar
    Shopping, Εμπορικό Κέντρο
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαΠεριπέτεια
  • Blue Mosque
    Αξιοθέατα και Μουσεία, Ιστορικός Χώρος, Τζαμί
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  • 360 Istanbul
    Δημοφιλές σεΝυχτερινή ΖωήΠολυτέλεια
  • Ciya Sofrasi
    Δημοφιλές σεFoodiesΧορτοφάγοι
  • Maiden's Tower
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαBackpackers
  • Pierre Loti
    Δημοφιλές σεΙστορίαBackpackers

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  • 9.8
    Λάτρεις της Ιστορίας
  • 8.0
    Λάτρεις της Περιπέτειας
  • 7.2
  • 6.8
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  • 6.4
    Λάτρεις της Πολυτέλειας

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Ed Note: Turkey has experienced a considerable amount of political instabiliity in the last year. Check regular safety advisories when planning your trip in addition to these tips. "Be mindful of dress and sunbathing behavior outside of Istanbul." "If you are planning to visit any of the mosques, remember to bring a scarf with you to cover your head." "Get taxis from well-lit, well-trafficked locations" "Use the lowest denomination bills possible." "Shop keepers and restaurant owners can be aggressive, especially to women; don't be afraid to ignore them and keep walking."

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Σαν Χοσέ

Turkey is a country rich in history and steeped in tradition. Its culture is an interesting blend of old and new, religious and secular, conservative and modern. Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, there is a lot of Christian history here; this lends to an interesting blend of design and architecture, and an even more complex history. That aspect alone is enough to fill your itinerary. But there's the dancing and the food and the landscapes and the people -- incredibly hospitable and oh-so-accommodating people. If you ever have an opportunity to go, definitely jump on it.

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Turkey is beautiful and varied - from desert to almost tropical, from poor villages to stunning coastlines. There are unique historical and archaeological sites, breathtaking natural beauty (seas & beaches, mountains), spice markets, palaces, mosques and museums - something for everyone.
Turkey it is also welcoming people and amazing food.
I love this country and I’m very lucky that now I live in Turkey.
I visited many places (of course the most popular like Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pammukale, Troy, Ephesus, ect.). But my favourites are Eastern & South-Eastern parts of Turkey.
I didn’t find any review from these parts. Why? I met quite a lot of tourists there.

Eastern Turkey is different than rest of the country. A lot of mountains, deserts … more conservative culture but because of it that this region is still not so touristic, it is like open-air museum with palaces, castles, mosques, churches dotted around the steppe.

There are so many places worth to see. I will mention only few:
Mardin located on the hillside, midway Euphrates and Tigris rivers (ancient Mesopotamia). Hasankeyf, ancient city which my be one of the oldest continously inhabited settlements in the world, spanning some 10.000 years.
Nemrut Dağı (Mt Nemrut) topped with colossal ancient statues.
The holy city Şanlıurfa, which is redolent of the Middle East.
Van with old Urartian castle and Akdamar island on the Lake Van.
Kars and ruins of ancient city Ani.
And for people who like trekking - a lot of mountains: Ararat (the highest mountain in Turkey, Suphan, Artos, Nemrut, Kackar range).

Sometimes is really worth to move from the most popular routes and visit other regions of Turkey.



The crossroads of ancient civilisations lie in Turkey‘s grasp, offering a sensual heady cocktail of influences from Middle Eastern to Central Asian. The lunar landscapes of Cappadocia are rousing serious attention. Scattered in confetti of churches and projecting stone cliffs, dawn hot air ballooning is magical here. Visit caravanserai traditional inns to watch dervishes dance to a rhythm of village life. Capital, Istanbul, is a striking contrast of mayhem. Intriguing bazaars, Islamic monuments, Churches and Roman ruins cohabit, with a raft of religions and races. Istanbul straddles two continents, splayed across the Bosphorous Strait. Adorned in minarets and domes, booming nightlife and the glittering Sea of Marmara, this 7th Century city is hyper-frenzied. Spring’s first rays of sunshine blissfully defrost the country to life.

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Honestly, I never expected Turkey to be all that special but it turns out I really like the place. I've been back 3 times now and look forward to doing so again. I've been in the winter when Goreme was beautiful and covered in snow. I've been in the summer when beach-goers covered the beaches of Olympos and Ölüdeniz. Both were very different and both pretty great and there is no city quite like Istanbul. The whole country has a lot of variety.

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Turkey has so much to offer; breathtaking natural beauty, unique historical and archaeological sites, an improving hotel and tourist infrastructure and a tradition of hospitality. It is not surprising that the country has now become one of the world's most popular tourism destinations. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by three different seas, and its interior landscape is home to very differing climates. Its shores are laced with beaches, bays, islands and peninsulas. It is also blessed with majestic mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers and waterfalls making it a perfect location for both winter and summer tourism.

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I was so lucky I was able to study abroad in Istanbul for a full year. I loved living in that city and traveling around Turkey. Even though I was here for a year (and studied Turkish Politics) I feel like I only scratched the surface of what this country has to offer. Hopefully I'll be able to go back one day :)

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There aren't enough cliches to capture Turkey's allure. I lived here for three years and in all that time I barely scratched the surface of this Eurasian country's astonishing diversity of natural wonders, historic treasures and stunning scenery. My experience of the Aegean coast and the Anatolian heartland was warm and memorable--the people were genuinely friendly. Turkish cuisine was more than delicious; it has changed my palate and my cooking. Diverse spices like cumin, sumac and mint have worked their way into my spice cabinet.

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I have many wonderful memories, great experiences in this country. Fantastic place, all cuisine, local Turkish foods are really tasty for me. Wherever I go, always see the Turkish flag both state and private building. Turkish people are so proud in their country. I loved these and so why I will go Turkey again and again.