Hotel Dona Palace

Hotel Dona Palace

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San Marco 391, 30124 Venice, Italy
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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This hotel doesn’t even deserve 0 star. We had two bookings at this hotel. As we were on the ride to the airport to travel to Europe, we got into an accident as passengers and ended up going to hospital with body injuries in the connecting city. Our entire trip had to be canceled due to medical condition and long term treatments despite all the arrangements and plans for 18 months and we had to return home with all the difficulties and true severe pain along with wheelchair. We informed the hotel 8 days prior to check-in date and literately begged them to help us with this situation as an exception. We provided hospital proofs and doctors letters. The hotel and its manager is absolutely heartless and stubborn whatsoever. They refrained not only from refunding but also refrained from any sort of vouchers and credits for future use. In fact, they called the request extortion!! Isn’t that totally ridiculous?! They sold our rooms to others and made double money during the very high season in Italy. This is absolutely the veryI worst customer service and hotel experience and this comes from someone who is a frequent traveler! What a disgusting and unprofessional customer service!!!!! Please think twice before booking this hotel!!!!

Πρώτος που έκανε κριτική

My wife and I stayed in Venice over Christmas in 2008. For a young couple, winter in Venice is a page straight out of Hemingway. Some days you can climb the Campanile and see all the way to the Alps while on other days the sea closes in and fog descends, wrapping the city in silence. Our time in Venice ranks easily among the top vacations that we ever enjoyed.

I consider our accomodation on that trip to have been the best value for our money that I have found in 15 years of international travel.
Hotel Dona Palace is the perfect base from which to immerse yourself in Venice. This four-star hotel is set in the warren of narrow streets near St. Mark's Basilica. While you can hear the bells from the Campanile in the morning, this small Renaissance Palace still manages to feel secluded. Indeed the streets behind Dona Palace lead right into the heart of Castello, where the locals work and play.

Our room was spacious, with a high ceiling, extensive wooden paneling and silky red trim. The bed was a king with crisp sheets and cushy pillows. The room had a flatscreen TV and two bottles of cabernet waiting for us.

Staying at Dona Palace made us feel rich. Waiters in white tie brought us fresh coffee as we started each day with a canal-side breakfast of eggs, sausage, pastries and fruit. We did a great deal of walking during our stay and explored many nooks of Venice but our hotel room was so sumptuous that on more than one night we dined in on room service, pigging out on pizza, gnocchi or carpaccio. After going out to eat on Christmas Eve, we spent the evening in bathrobes on our bed, listening to Christmas carols on our laptop and watching TV.

In other words, it was heaven.

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Ντόπιος από Βενετία

This beautiful old castle is well-kept, the service is attentive and prompt. You feel like you are in Old-World Venice when you step into the courtyard, overlooking a canal and other palazzos. Well worth the price. The breakfast room is beautiful, with Venetian Oriental-style windows. Rooms are charming and decorated tastefully.

Συνιστάται για:BusinessΤαξιδιώτες Με ΟικογένειαΛάτρεις της ΙστορίαςΛάτρεις της Πολυτέλειας

This boutique hotel is a really special spot. It’s got a great location, nestled smack in the middle of a bustling little neighborhood with lots of shops and bars and restaurants, and an even better feel inside: a kind of warmth, coziness, and charm that’s hard to achieve with this much luxury (and this much gem-toned velvet). Some of the rooms here have red carpet, open floor plans, and a modern design, but I prefer the more classic, opulent rooms with marble floors and ornate furniture. My favorite is the jaw-dropping Royal Suite, with its dramatic gold drapes over Moorish-style windows, gorgeous detailed ceiling, and luxurious Jacuzzi tub. But if I could, I would just live in the breakfast room: a large, airy space with high ceilings and equally high windows opening onto an outdoor terrace, all decorated with gold and red leather and dark wood shelving. It’s so light and handsome and soothing, I might try to come here for breakfast the next time I’m in Venice, even if I don’t stay here.

Συνιστάται για:Λάτρεις του Art & DesignΛάτρεις της Πολυτέλειας

First of all, the staff here is really organized, professional, and friendly. Beyond that, this beautiful little hotel truly feels like a miniature palace. From the expansive spaces with high ceilings and the balconies to the giant bed and canal-side breakfast patio, everything here is luxurious and special. They have one of the most inviting breakfast areas I’ve seen and, in fact, guests from several other hotels often eat here. Actually, I think I might’ve liked the public spaces even more than the (admittedly regal) room – and most of all, the canal-side patio, where I could hop right onto a passing gondola at the slightest fancy. It’s also noteworthy that when you stay at Dona, you get a free aperitivo buffet at the stylish wine bar next door (that also has wi-fi!).

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  • Δωρεάν ασύρματο ίντερνετ
Εστιατόριο και Ποτά
  • Μπαρ/lounge
  • Δωρεάν πρωινό
Γυμναστήριο και Ψυχαγωγία
  • Υπηρεσίες θυρωρού
  • Κήπος
  • Παραλαβή από σιδηροδρομικό σταθμό (επιπλέον χρέωση
  • Προσβασιμότητα ατομών με αναπηρία στα δωμάτια
  • Μπάνιο προσβάσιμο για άτομα με αναπηρία
  • Ντους προσβάσιμο με αναπηρική καρέκλα
Tαξίδι με Παιδιά
  • Φροντίδα παιδιών (επιπλέον χρέωση)
  • Κούνιες/κρεβατάκια μωρού (επιπλέον χρέωση)
  • Μέγιστος αριθμός κατοικιδίων ανά δωμάτιο 1
  • Επιτρέπονται κατοικίδια
  • Επιτρέπονται μόνο σκύλοι και γάτες
Υπηρεσίες και Ανέσεις
  • Λειτουργία ρεσεψιόν 24 ώρες το 24ωρο
  • Υπηρεσία στεγνοκαθαριστηρίου/πλυντηρίου
  • Εγκαταστάσεις πλυντηρίων
  • Ανελκυστήρας
  • Πολύγλωσσο προσωπικό
  • Πορτιέρης/θυρωρός
  • Ιδιωτικό μπάνιο
  • Δωρεάν προϊόντα προσωπικής περιποίησης
  • Πιστολάκι μαλλιών
  • Μπανιέρα ή ντουζιέρα
  • Μπιντές
  • Επιπλέον υπηρεσίες οροφοκομίας το βράδυ
  • Δεν διατίθενται πτυσσόμενα/επιπλέον κρεβάτια
Γεύμα στο Δωμάτιο
  • Υπηρεσία δωματίου - room service (συγκεκριμένες ώρ
  • Μίνι μπαρ
Πολυμέσα και Τεχνολογία
  • Τηλεόραση LCD
Υπηρεσία Καθαριότητας
  • Καθημερινές υπηρεσίες οροφοκομίας
Άλλες Ανέσεις Δωματίου
  • Κλιματισμός
  • Κλιματισμός στο δωμάτιο
  • Κουρτίνες συσκότισης
  • Γραφείο
  • Χρηματοκιβώτιο στο δωμάτιο
Πληροφορίες Ακινήτου
  • Συνολικός αριθμός δωματίων - 27
  • Αριθμός ορόφων - 5
  • Έτος κατασκευής 2004
  • Check-in όλο το 24ωρο
Hotel Dona Palace

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