Baymont Inn Grand Rapids N/Walker

Baymont Inn Grand Rapids N/Walker

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2151 Holton Court NW, Walker, MI 49544
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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As you walked in they had a nice sitting area that had tall tables and chairs and then just off of that they had a breakfast room with some seating as well. However in the corner next to the tall tables was their computer with printer. So it was not a terribly private area.

They had just re-opened their pool area after a renovation to it. It wasn’t anything special, but it was nice. It was a nice big area though. There was also a small fitness center which was having repairs when I was there. I peeked in and it looked like they only had cardio equipment.

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If you're in the area to visit downtown Grand Rapids, you will find that it's a bit of a jaunt. In fact, unless you need to be at Meijer corporate headquarters, nothing much else is around. On a map it looks like such a short distance to, say, the Pearl Street exit, but in reality it takes upward of 10 minutes by car (and then you have to pay for parking). It's also an extremely long drive from the airport (and doesn't offer a shuttle service). In this way, the Baymont is not ideal.

With that said, the Baymont is a nice place. The pool was recently refurbished and the lobby is warm, inviting and comfortable. The rooms are well kept and clean, and though it's near to the highway, there is no road noise. But, at the end of the day, the distance from downtown and the overall genericness of the place made my visit kind of a bummer.

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Baymont Inn Grand Rapids N/Walker

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