Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC

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700 F Street NW, Washington DC, DC 20004
1 (888) 271-2681Επεξεργασία πληροφοριών


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Falls Church

Today the Hotel Monaco is one of DC’s most chic boutique hotels, but the building housing the hotel actually dates back to 1839 – and was once the site of DC’s General Post Office. Later, during the Civil War, the Hotel Monaco’s location housed the offices of the DC Postmaster General. Today, the property is managed by Kimpton Hotels, which means the place is loaded with added guest perks – complimentary public bikes, pet-friendly rooms, and even a complimentary goldfish placed in your room to keep you company, if you so desire.

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my stay was short and sweet as i flew in by evening and checked out by morning for all-day meetings. the location was right in the heart of everything (i got to see a few sights while heading to dinner), and i think if i get a chance to stay longer, it'd be perfect walking distance to a ton of museums.

i definitely want to commend their staff on excellent service. i'm a breastfeeding mother who needed to pump and store breastmilk during my stay. they brought a mini fridge to my room no problem. it didn't have a freezer unit to keep my ice packs cold, so they happily stored those for me in the room service freezer, clearly marked with my name and room number for easy retrieval in the morning.

Richmond Hill

Good location - although those fighting brass bands on the corner are a treat for no one - the rooms are strange because the building is an old post office. It was overall quiet and relatively spacious. The Old Towne Trolley system has a stop just across the street which was great for us and the place is within easy walking distance of restaurants including Pi which is a great pizza place.

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The Hotel Monaco is in a fun neighborhood – around Penn Quarter, Chinatown and the Verizon Center, the sports arena. It has scores of restaurants and draws a big date-night crowd.

In an historic 1800's building, the hotel is across from the National Portrait Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. There are sometimes art shows and street fairs nearby.

The hotel serves coffee in the morning, cookies in the afternoon, and there's wine in the evening. I am partial to the cranberry cookies.

The décor does not match the era of the building. It is casual, and upbeat. When I visited, the hotel staff was not phased by children playing in the lobby.

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There are luxury hotels, and then there are luxury hotels that really know how to have a good time. This one is the latter, and I loved it.

This place has everything you would expect from a high-quality hotel: great decor, nicely tailored rooms and plenty of lounges and comfortable areas to relax. This isn't a run of the mill upscale hotel, though. Situated in one of the more happening neighborhoods in the area, the hotel is at the epicenter of local happenings. The Verizon Center is right next door, where you can catch everything from hockey games to rock concerts. An ultra-hip bar/restaurant is connected to the hotel, sporting what I believe are some pretty great outdoor lounge areas.

In my eyes, the best part was the loaner-bicycles the hotel offers to guests. They'll give you a bike so you can zip around town with a grounds-eye view. I appreciate the mix of fun and class this place brings to the table and highly recommend it.

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This is one of the largest Kimpton hotels in DC, and the best located for getting to the museums and the mall. It's in the newly revitalized (if unfortunately Disney-fied) area by the stadium (basketball, hockey, and concerts), which also house some of DC's best theaters.

The decor is typically Kimpton-funky, which I enjoy. The rooms are surprisingly small given the overall size of the place -- it feels more like a New York hotel room than DC. But it's well appointed and comfortable.

The restaurant, Poste, is great, and you're on a strip with a number of other really good options, including Zola, Zytinia, Jaleo, Matchstick Pizza, Acadiana, Oye Mel, and Brasserie Beck. If for some reason you come to DC and want to see a movie, there's a good cineplex right across the street, and just a few blocks away is DC's more art-house cinema.

And of course you're in theater district, with Ford's, Shakespeare, the Woolly Mammoth (my favorite), and the Source isn't too far away.

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  • Κλινοσκεπάσματα υψηλής ποιότητας (premium)
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  • Ιταλικά σεντόνια Frette
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  • Μίνι μπαρ
  • Υπηρεσία δωματίου - room service (24 ώρες)
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Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC

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